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    Fluffy vegan waffles

    Hey Beauties! Who’s in for some healthy vegan waffles? I hadn’t had waffles in too long, so I definitely had to make the agin – and guys, they’re so addictive… :)) My waffles are gluten-free, refined sugar free, super fluffy and just yummy! Wanna treat yourself without feeling guilty? This recipe is definitely right for you. Btw, I’m using silicone tins for my waffles and baking the in the oven, that’s a super quick, easy and oil free way to make your waffles! Have you ever tried baking your waffles in silicone tins? Ingredients for about 5 small waffles ½ cup buckwheat flour 2 tbsp coconut flour 1 tbsp corn…

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    Bullet Proof Porridge

    Have you ever heard about bullet proof coffee?! MCT stands for medium – chain fatty acids, the oil is purely based on coconut oil. The oil is immediately used by the brain for fast energy and performance! I had this bullet proof porridge today – which is my absolute fav atm! For the porridge, I used products by @koro_de / @koro_uk *advertisement- dark almond butter, MCT Oil and maple butter. The products are coming in bigger packaging, which makes the cheaper and there is less waste. They’re all natural, nursing and delicious! Klink here https://www.korodrogerie.de/ to get to the shop. You can also save 5% on your purchase with “POWERFULPLANT” But…

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    Creamy Choc Ice cream Popsicles

    Hey babes – who’s in for some healthy vegan ice cream popsicles to survive hot summer temperatures?! The ones who know me for a while, know that I’m incredibly addicted to dark chocolate and everything that contains chocolate haha, so chocolate ice cream is an absolute must for me in summer! Anyone with me? These babies are super easy to make, take just 5 minutes to prepare and only a few ingredients! Curious?? Ingredients (makes about 6 popsicles) 1 can light coconut milk 1 very ripe banana 2 medjoul dates, pitted 1 tbsp pecan butter (or any other natural nut butter of choice) a pinch of vanilla 2 tbsp cocoa…

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    Summer Salad Bowl w/ the best Cashew dressing

    Hey babes! Summer temperatures are calling for light and refreshing meals, aren’t they?!My current addiction are light salad bowls mixed with a bit of fruity goodness and my fav Salad dressing – Cashew Tahini Dressing – this is literally HEAVEN IN A BOWL!! Honestly guys, while writing this I could literally dive in again hehe :)) I would advise you now to go grab your stuff and make this super easy, yummy and super healthy bowl! It’s loaded with fiber, vitamins, protein and healthy fats! – Nothing more to add except for : Treat yourself 🙂 Ingredients For the Salad – makes 2 Bowls mixed green leafs 2 peaches 1…

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    Vanilla Choc-Mocha Oats

    Hey babes! If you already know me for a bit, you might have noticed, that I have a thing for chocolate haha …. Choc in all variations but only dark chocolate. But chocolate breakfast bowls are my all-time fav, especially in combination with vanilla, ginger and coffee – HEAVEN IN A BOWL! And those bowls are even better with a proper teaspoon of nut butter. My current addiction is cashew butter! Especially this one : https://www.korodrogerie.de/cashewmus-500-g!(*advertisement) It’s super creamy and just the best bowl topping of all times. You can save 5% on your purchase with “POWERFULPLANT” But now – lets get to this bowl of deliciousness! Ingredients for one…

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    Berry Protein Popsicles

    Hot summer days are calling for icecream, aren’t they?! I love making my own healthy icecream like these yummy vegan BERRY PROTEIN POPSICLES. Preparation time: 10 minutesCooling time: 3 hrs Ingredients for about 6 popsiclesFor the Protein layer:– 1¾Cup vegan curd or soy yogurt– a pinch of vanilla– 2 tbsp maple syrup– opt. 1 tbsp vegan protein powder (I used vanilla flavor)For the berry layer:– 1 cup frozen berries– ½ cup water– 2 tbsp chia seeds– 1 tbsp maple syrup Directions:1. start by adding the berries, water and maple syrup to a small sauce pan and bring to a boil. Remove from the stove and stir in the chia seeds.…

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    The Best Vegan Pancakes

    Hey Sweethearts – What’s better on a Sunday morning than a proper Pancake stack?! Especially, when they’re that fluffy and topped with all the Goodies! If you’re Looking for the best recipe for fluffy vegan Pancakes, you’re just Right! I served mine with vegan Choc-Hazelnut Spread, Fresh Berries and Granola ( I used this one https://www.lycka.bio/products/special-angebot-granola-paket-all-in-2) *ad – REAL FOOD HEAVEN!